Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Edible Witches Broomsticks

It's OCTOBER! That means Halloween is right around the corner!  Time to start prepping for your spooky gatherings with great friends and ghoul-licious food!  How about making some Edible Witches Broomsticks?  

Here's what you need:

Pretzels sticks
Mini Reese's Cups
And that's all the ingredients!


Unwrap Mini Reese's Cups and place upside down
Use a knife to carve a little hole the size of a pretzel in each cup
Place pretzel in hole
Repeat until you have enough broomsticks for all of your little witches!

And voila! You are done! Now fly away on your broomstick and enjoy your EASY, adorable, and delicious Halloween snack!!

Recipe photo courtesy of http://kirstycolquhoun.blogspot.com/2011/10/day-137-witches-broomsticks.html

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