Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sour Patch Extreme Candy

This may be one of my favorite reviews I have ever done since my candy of choice is anything sour!! When The Candyland Store told me they were sending some Sour Patch Extremes my way, I was so excited.  Always loving everything and anything sour, I knew going into the taste test that I would immediately be pleased and sure was I right!  

The new Sour Patch Extreme candy is unlike any other Sour Patch Kid I have ever tried.  I'm all about the new flavors.  Each piece has double the flavor and double the sour!  The flavors come in:

Orange Blue Raspberry
Watermelon Grape
Sour Apple Strawberry

These sour combinations go extremely well together.  My favorite one would have to be the Orange Blue Raspberry, second is the Sour Apple Strawberry, and third is the Watermelon Grape.  Being third on the list does not even mean that it tastes even close to being bad, it's still so good!  I just love the Orange Blue Raspberry combination, have always liked Blue Raspberry flavors, but surprisingly I'll have to admit that my least favorite original SPK is the orange.  Ask my brother and sister.  They'll tell you how we would all fight over who would get any flavor other than orange.  This Orange from the Orange Blue Raspberry tasted different to me since it was mixed and I loved this new creation.  I also love that my favorite flavor is blue and orange, Mets colors, my favorite team!

Each bag contained about 20 pieces of Sour Patch Extreme faces that were split horizontally with colors.  Being the sour expert, popping these Sour Patch Kids in my mouth was not extremely sour, as I was expecting.  Others that I know who do not have desensitized tongue thought they were extremely sour, so based off of your sour consumption, these may or may not be that sour for you.  For me, they were just right.  Not as sour as a warhead, but more sour than the original SPKs.  

I would HIGHLY recommend these to your friends, family, and sour lovers.  Thanks to The Candyland Store for introducing me to another great product that I will continue to consume at the movies!

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