Monday, December 19, 2011

Mystery Smarties

Calling all sleuths!  Do you love solving mysteries?  Do you love eating candy?  Well here's a mystery that needs to be solved asap!  It's circular, king size, colorful, tart, sweet, and even sour!  Give up?! Okay, we'll tell you, introducing Mystery Smarties!
Why they are so cool:
They are 6x the size of an original Smartie
19 come in a roll
Includes Original flavors, X-treme Sour (get ready to pucker up!), and Tropical Flavors all in one pack!
Perfect Stocking Stuffer
Sure to be a game night favorite!
Although these Smarties LOOK like they are the original flavor except jumbo sized, your tastebuds will be completly thrown off once the X-treme sour or Tropical flavor hits your tongue.  There's a whole slew of flavors in each roll, ranging from coconut, banana, grape, and other sour or citrus flavors.  Each flavor was extremely potent, but the whole mix was a great variety!  This candy is very refreshing, and keeps you on edge because you never know when you're in for a sour treat.  

Fun Candy Game Idea: Keep game night alive by playing Smarties connect four with your friends.  Whoever gets the most amount of similar flavors out of four wins! And don't forget to tell me who wins!
A huge thanks to the candy makers at Smarties for letting me on on this mysterious new product that will be sure to sell millions! Eating Mystery Smarties is like playing Guess Who with candy.  Pop it in your mouth and take a guess as to which flavor it is.  Who doesn't love solving a mystery while consuming sweets?  

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