Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Sweet Skewers

Halloween is all about yummy treats and no tricks right?  Well let me tell you, that Halloween Sweet Skewers are the yummiest treat of all!  And no, I'm not tricking you!  If you take a look at the photo above, you can tell these Sweet Skewers are picture perfect!

These sweets were sent over by Marie at Sweets Indeed sweetly sent over these Sweet Skewers for me to sample.  If you have read my blog, you know that Sour candy is my absolute favorite, and sourness makes up 95% of these skewers.  Soooo good!!

Okay so here's what they are made of:
Orange Peach Flavored Sour Belts-taste just like a sour Georgia Peach, but in a good way! YUM!
Sour Apple Flavored Sour Belts
Green Apple Sour Rings
Sour Peach Rings
Gummy Frogs

What I loved most about the Sweet Skewers:
Of course, that everything except two ingredients were sour!
They are so cute, festive, unique and fun-anyone would get a huge kick out of them!
Did I mention I loved all the sourness? ;)

These treats get an A+ in my book!  I honestly ate one in less than 4 minutes.  They were delicious!  But to be honest, I am not really a black licorice fan, so I shared them with my friends and I ate the rest!

Definitely order these for your Halloween parties!  The design and idea is so cute.  Thanks for sharing Sweets Indeed!

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