Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Snowman Donuts

December has arrived and Christmas is right around the corner!  That means there are visions of sugar plums....and powdered donuts...dancing in everyone's heads.  In that case, let's bring that vision to life and make some Snowman Donuts!  These treats are easy to make and will bring you much joy.  Warning: they may melt in your mouth because they are so sweet.  And just like in the movie, remember that Frosty will be back (you can easily re-make these with very little ingredients and prep time)  Read on for some important information.


One box of mini white powdered donuts
Candy corn
Black frosting


Place candy corn inside the donut hole
Draw eyes and mouth dots with black frosting

And Voila! You're done! Easiest and cutest idea ever.  Enjoy the holiday season!

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